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St Ronan

Popular folklore suggests the town may have been founded by a pilgrim monk called St. Ronan in A.D.737, who came to Innerleithen via the River Tweed in a coracle. A carved Celtic stone of considerable antiquity (known as the Runic Cross) was found on the slopes of the Leithen valley suggesting Christian worship existed during the middle ages and this can now be viewed in the courtyard of the parish church on Leithen Road.

According to the local legend "St. Ronan Cleik't the Deil by the hind leg and banished him", which may be a metaphor for the monks bringing Christian learning back into these regions.

On St. Ronan's!

Verse 1

Rouse ye men of old St. Ronan's,
Gather in from hills and commons,
Ready aye to hear the summons,
On, St. Ronan's, On!,

Though we see no warlike foemen,
Nodding plume or flashing spear,
Call we forth the Border yeomen,
Fame awaits them here.


On St. Ronan's, join the chorus
Think of brave men gone before us
While the banner's waving o'er us
On, St Ronan's, On!

Verse 2

From the ages dim and hoary,
Come the tales of battles gory,
Linked with Border song and story,
On, St. Ronan's, On!

Echoes wake the Leithen valley,
Plora's shade and broad Minchmuir,
Stalwart lads will gladly rally,
From the vale of Quair.


Verse 3

Sons from far, with joy we meet you,
Old time friends will kindly treat you,
Border maidens fair will greet you,
On, St. Ronan's, On!

Shades of great ones hover near us,
Wilson, Hogg and Glassford Bell,
Scott the minstrel's song will cheer us,
By St. Ronan's well.


Verse 4

For the freedom bought so dearly,
For the land we love sincerely,
At the Games we'll gather yearly,
On, St. Ronan's, On!

We have rights and we'll preserve them,
Honest men have naught to fear,
Customs old and we'll observe them,
Each returning year

Chorus (last time)