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St Ronan's Border Games

Future Meetings  (Council Chamber, Wednesdays, 7.00pm): 18 August

President and Chairman: Ex-Standard Bearer Alan Patterson

Vice Chairman: Ex-Standard Bearer John Roberston

Secretary: Ex-Standard Bearer Stewart Wilson
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Treasurer: Ex-Standard Bearer Norman Scott

Ceremonial Convener: Ex-Standard Bearer John Roberston

Sports Secretary: Miss Sarah Lindsay

Minute Secretary: Mrs Tracy Russell

Patrons Secretary: Mr Ted McKie

Jessie Allan, Allison Bradshaw, John Cockburn, Lillias Cummings, Hazel Dodds, Marlen Jones, Brenda Kerr, Billy Landers, Dorothy McKie, Ted McKie, Gillian Rendle, Tracy Russell, Anna Smith, Martin Wilson, Ex-Standard Bearer Keith Belleville
Ex-Offcio: Standard Bearer-Elect, Standard Bearer, Right and Left Hand Supporters and Lasses

Life Members: Ex-Standard Bearer R.D. Heaney (1982), Ex-S.B. J.D. Patterson (1987), Ex-S.B. R.N.J. Scott (1987), Mr R. Knox (2000), Mr J.C. Waldie (2000), Mr A.J.G. Cox (2007), Mrs M. Jones (2007), Ex-S.B. J.D. Robertson (2008), Mrs J. Allan (2010) and Mrs A. Smith (2010).

You can visit The St Ronan's Border Games website for more details.