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Traquair and Glen

Traquair and Glen Traquair and Glen GR Photography

The village of Traquair is situated two miles south of Innerleithen. The village is quite small but is the centre for a number of settlements from Haughhead in the north east, Old Howford in the north west and Glenlude to the south. The area stretches 3 kms from east to west and 7 kms from north to south.

In the Traquair and Glen area there are 79 houses and a population of 184 people. (Figures supplied by Scottish Borders Council from the 2001 census). However there is housebuilding activity in the area and the settlements are expanding.

Two B class roads run through the area through the road junction at the War Memorial in Traquair village: the B 709 Heriot, Innerleithen, Traquair, Langholm road and the B 7062 Peebles to Traquair Road via Cardrona. There are two other roads; the Traquair to Elibank road branching off the B 709 half a mile south of Innerleithen and a small link road by Traquair Mill. There is no public transport serving the area.

There are eleven separate settlements. The settlements are shown in the following table:

North West of Traquair on the B 7062

Traquair House (1 km)

A historic house with farm
and houses


Howford (2¼  kms)

Howford House, a farm and farmhouse and farm cottages


Old Howford (3 kms)

4 houses


Old Cardrona (5 kms)

Cardrona House and 9 houses south of the B 7062



Cardrona (6 kms)

Visit the Cardrona website.

South of Traquair on the B 709

Damhead (¾ kms)

Damhead Farm and farmhouse and houses at Campshiel, Damheadsheil and Glengaber


Kirkhouse  (2 kms)

Kirkhouse, Traquair Church, 9 houses and a farm.


Newhall (3 kms)

Farmhouse, farm and 3 houses


Glenlude (6½ kms)

Farm and two houses

Souths West of Kirkhouse – a series of settlements on a 7 km unclassified road

The Orchards

A farm and 4 houses


The Glen

Glen House, a farm and 17 houses

North of Traquair on the road to Elibank


A farm and farmhouse

The main economic activities are farming, tourism, forestry and craft businesses. The main tourist attraction is Traquair House. There is no large scale maunfacturing.

The settlement has a village hall and a former school which is currently used as a day centre. The village war memorial stands at the main crossroads and the Church is a mile south at Kirkhouse. Since the closure of the village primary school, the children attend St Ronans Primary School in Innerleithen. Senior pupils attend Peebles High School in Peebles. Buses are provided for children from outlying places.

The area around Traquair provides many recreational facilities. The long distance footpath, the Southern Upland Way passes through the village crossroads before crossing Minch Moor to Yair Bridge to the East and by Kirkhouse to St Mary's Loch to the South West.

The Tweed Cycleway passes through the area from Old Howford to Haughhead. There is a circular route from Traquair to Yarrow, Cappercleuch, Meggathead, Tweedsmuir, Drumelzier, Lyne, Peebles and back to Traquair; a distance of 50 miles.

The downhill mountain bike course runs in Traquair Forest. The Seven Stanes cycleway also runs through Traquair Forest.

There are horse riding routes in Cardrona Forest, across Minch Moor and South East to Yarrow Kirk.

There are a number of other footpaths including the Right of Way from Traquair to Yarrow Kirk by Glengaber and a path from Howford to Cardrona Forest.